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Quality Control

Quality of Product: The factory has HACCP Accreditation from International Food Technology Ltd. The HACCP plan has been supervised by The National Fisheries Quality Assurance and Veterinary Directorate, Vietnam (NAFIQAVED), as well as customers own QC audits. BRC Global Standard Food Certificate, UKAS Certificate, Kosher Certificate. 
 Our HACCP policy states: "All company products will be safe for human consumption and will meet with customer's expectations for quality and value."

The key people responsible for the design, implementation, modification and verification of this HACCP program and food safety management have been formally trained in these procedures.


Each delivery of raw or frozen tuna, or other raw material, is inspected to determine the quality and condition. Inspectors collect samples for histamine analysis.

Inspected prior to processing.

Metal detector

All empty cans are physically inspected according to predetermined standards and procedures prior to transfer to the production line.

There is a seam teardown inspection every two hours and a visual inspection every 15 minutes.

Sensory evaluation of the finished product based on a sample size is based on CODEX AQL = 6.5.

The raw material and finished product histamine level is determined using the Fluorometic method (AOAC).

X-ray finished product before shipment

Quality control records are reviewed within twenty-four hours and verified prior to each shipment.

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